Hi dancers and parents!

Thank you for taking the time read this prospectus. We know it's a lot to take in but we want you to know everything thereis to know.

You can find studio in B-13,Rajendra Nagar,Bareilly

We want to share our passion for movement and art and encourage everyone to get involved and live hapily and healthy.

Hobby Town studio offers a wide variety of art forms, classes &packages for both students and parents.

We are excited to be the only dance studio in Bareilly to offer Melody Movements Early Learning.

We embrace a learning environment that will prepare children in their areas of interest. The Academy is separated into various learning centers that promote skill development through various hands-on activities.

Why HOBBY TOWN Studio?

We focus on excellent technique

Technique is the foundation for all dance movement.Technique is an essential part of dance ,used often to perfect turns,leaps and jumps. Correct posture is essential to properly execute dance moves.Technique is essential for leaps and turns, where correct posture is essential to properly execute the moves.

Everyone is included

Whether you are new to dance or fully experienced there is a place for you in our studio.We welcomepeople from all walks of life and will always accomodate everyone to our best abilities.


Creative expression is encouraged in all our classes and all students are invited to take part in the creation of dance masterpieces.


We strive for utmost professionalism in everything we do,from our dancing performances to the way the studio is run. We aim to set an example to the dance community in Bareilly.




Special classes

Class structure

Juniors :- (duration of class eg.30-40min)

Seniors:- (duration of class eg.40-60min)