Robotics by Er Akshit Bagga

Age: 5-6 Years, L1

A Basic Introduction to tweak robot, its motor movements and sensor concepts such as Colour, Touch, IR sensors.

Age: 7-8 Years, L2

Level 1 +

  • Making of simple machines in and around us such as a crane, gripper bot, soccer bot, 3 wheel base castor etc.
  • Making of complex machines designed for special activities such as a Catapult Bot, Pentagram Bot, Dumper Bot, Rope Car Bot.

Age: 8-9 Years, L3

Level 2 +

  • Introduction to 3D printing.
  • Programming through use of simple simulator of C++ and idea how sensors are programmed.

Age: 10-12 Years, L4

Level 3 +

  • Application of 3D printed materials for making robots.
  • Programming for sensors in real life ,Concepts of Path cleaner with line following robo, Speed change of fan using touch sensor, move a robot in different directions on sensing different colors etc.


1. Introduction

  1. Board
  2. Pieces
  3. Paints

2. Openings (How to start a strong wall)

3.Middle Game

  1. Deep Calculator
  2. Puzzle Solving
  3. Tactics

4. End Game

  1. Rook Ending
  2. Queen Ending
  3. Bishop Ending etc.