“FitFun Programme”

(A Motor Skill & Physical Development Programme for Kids).

FitFun is a Motor Skill & Physical Development programme for kids of age 3 years through 10 years. The programme identifies how well a child's mind is connected to his/her body.

Age appropriate curriculums are designed to introduce standards-based, developmentally appropriate activities without overwhelming kids and to encourage maximum participation during class time. Some of the major objectives of the FitFun programme include

  1. Fine &Gross Motor Skills
  2. Social &Emotional Skills
  3. Language &Communication Skills
  4. Cognitive Skills(Learning, Thinking & Problem Solving)
  5. Movement &Physical Development Skills
  6. Speed &Agility Training
  7. Flexibility and Strength

This programme offers important clues about your child’s development by closely identifying how your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves with the help of age appropriate FitStart Milestone Checklist as shown in above figure.

GROSS LOCOMOTOR SKILLS These skills get the child to move from one place to another. Walking or running, Jumping or hopping, Galloping or marching, Skipping or Sliding are all Locomotor skills. These determine the success of athletes, gymnastics, swimmers, cyclist & most sports persons.

OBJECT CONTROL SKILLS These skills enable the child to give or receive an object with precision. Object control skills make cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey, squash & such players. These skills include throwing, catching, kicking, punching or striking, to name a few.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS These skills precision and finesse. They are reflected in small actions like holding objects in hand, eating with a spoon, drinking from a cup, tying shoelaces, buttoning a shirt, writing, drawing, beading, coloring etc. Excellence in these skills defines artists, designers and creative professionals.


Level 1 (2.5 years to 4 years) Level 2 (4 years to 8 years) Level 3(8 years to 12 years)
Level 1+ Level 1+ Level 2 +
Balancing Hockey Break Roller Hockey
Moving Cross ward Turning Roller Cricket
Rolling forward Skate kho Roller Basketball
“T” break Artistic Skating Games on Skates (Only Weekend)
Automatic Turn Figure Skating
Speed Skating Games on Skates (Only Weekend)
Games on Skates (Only Weekend)


4 month distance per belt Schedule
Yellow Belt Warm up + Physical Activity
Green Belt Punching + Blocks
Green One Kick Skills + Kicking
Blue Fight techniques + Fight
Blue One
Red One
Black Belt


LEVEL-1 ( 4 Years - 8 Years) LEVEL-2 (8 Years - 14 years)
Basic knowledge of table tennis (Rules & regulation) Basic knowledge of table tennis ( Rules & regulation)
How to hold the table tennis racket Shadow practice of forehand & backhand strokes
Shadow practice of forehand strokes Multiball practice of forehand & backhand storkes
Multiball practice Forehand & backhand stroke using Robot
Practice by Robot Service practice by Multi-ball

Batch timing

4p.m -6p.m (level 1 player) 6pm - 8p.m (level 2 player)